UAB Medicine – Russell Medical Cancer Center

Mission Statement: Treat cancer, provide hope, and enable tomorrows for our patients.
Vision Statement: 
To provide compassionate, comprehensive, and leading-edge cancer care through our team of dedicated clinical experts for our family of patients in Central Alabama.

Conveniently located on the Russell Medical campus in Alexander City,  UAB Medicine – Russell Medical Cancer Center is a regional leader in screenings, diagnosis, comprehensive treatment, advanced technology, rehabilitative care and support. We offer a multi-disciplinary care team including medical oncologists and radiation oncologists, skilled oncology nurses, dosimetrist, therapist, clinical dietician, patient navigation and support staff.

More than half of all cancer patients receive outpatient chemotherapy, the cornerstone of the cancer program at Russell Medical. Proven to be very effective in the treatment of more than 100 forms of cancer, chemotherapy is often used in conjunction with radiation therapy, making it even more effective.

The Cancer Center offers the most advanced radiotherapy on the market, Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), the gold standard in radiation treatment for many cancers. Our board certified radiation oncologists use technology from Varian™, leaders in cancer care, to shape multiple beams of high-energy radiation to the precise dimensions of a malignancy, maximizing the dose of radiation to the tumor while minimizing exposure to surrounding healthy tissues.

Our continuum of care process encompasses the entire cancer experience including cancer support groups providing forums to talk, listen and learn from others who have been through the same experience.

Outstanding patient care means more than treating tumors; it is caring for people as if they were members of our own family. Within the UAB Medicine – Russell Medical Cancer Center, we utilize every resource available to give people with cancer the opportunity to live the life they envisioned before their diagnosis.

For an appointment or further information, please contact us at 256-329-7888.