A Patient Navigator is someone who complements the medical team. They act as an advocate, addressing needs and concerns that might impede a patient’s care.  Our full time Patient Navigator helps patients and caregivers decipher the vast array of information surrounding a cancer diagnosis, and assists in eliminating barriers that may prevent patients from receiving the best possible treatment.

Our Patient Navigator meets with new cancer center patients and helps identify each one’s immediate or projected needs. They also monitor patients in order to identify resources that will provide assistance as they continue treatment. The Patient Navigator may assist patients with: insurance concerns, charity programs, disability, home health, hospice, durable medical equipment, and chemotherapy prescriptions. Navigators provide support and guidance throughout the patient’s course of treatment.

Patient Navigation is a unique service and an integral part of the UAB Medicine Russell Medical Cancer Center’s personalized approach toward our patients. It’s another way for us to say we care.

UAB Medicine – Russell Medical Cancer Center: