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December 30, 2020:

NEWS: No qualms about COVID-19 vaccine

December 23, 2020:

NEWS: Home for the holidays

December 10, 2020:

NEWS: Another health care prayer vigil

December 2, 2020:

NEWS: Alexander City councilmember/Russell Medical Employee overcomes COVID-19

November 12, 2020:

NEWS: COVID Spike affecting more than the sick

July 23, 2020:

NEWS: Staying the course with COVID-19 precautions

July 13, 2020:

NEWS: COVID-19 testing delays creating issues

July 1, 2020:

NEWS: Russell Medical cases mirror state trend

June 24, 2020:

NEWS: Better late than never to celebrate hospital week

June 23, 2020:

NEWS: Russell Medical holds grand opening for new coffee house

June 19, 2020:

NEWS: Local church provides lunch for Russell Medical Nurses

June 18, 2020:

NEWS: Russell Medical officials urge residents to heed coronavirus warnings

May 20, 2020:

NEWS: New Site breaks ground on new health clinic

May 13, 2020:

NEWS: Russell Medical slowly moving back to normal as it names Employee of the Year

May 5, 2020:

NEWS: Reason to celebrate at Russell Medical


May 1, 2020:

NEWS: Nurse practitioner battles pandemic in first year on job

April 30, 2020:

NEWS: COVID-19 strikes at Russell Medical’s bottom line

April 29, 2020:

NEWS: Colvin’s emotional struggle

April 23, 2020:

NEWS: Downward Slope

April 16, 2020:

NEWS: Dr. Robert Edwards on Tele-Medicine Efforts

April 8, 2020:

NEWS: Despite restrictions, Russell Medical keeps families informed

April 4, 2020:

NEWS: Russell Medical caring for positive COVID-19 cases with success

April 3, 2020:

NEWS: Russell Medical employees develop UV method to steralize surgical masks

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