Fitness Instructor

JOB SUMMARY:    Provides a safe, inviting and encouraging exercise atmosphere to individuals and groups.  Plans and leads exercise/activity sessions in one or more assigned fitness areas such as aquatic class, land based fitness class, weight training & conditioning and personal training.  Sets up and monitors class equipment, and ensures its safe use and return.  Advise participants on program and class procedures/policies, as appropriate.  Provide advice to individuals on the correct method of exercising with weight training equipment, exercise bike,

Treadmill, stepper, elliptical and exercise apparatus. Ensures that safety and injury prevention policies and procedures are adhered to by participants; reports accidents, unsafe practices or hazards as required.  May design personal training programs based on sound exercise principles, age and level of fitness and may be expected to give advice on nutrition and lifestyle.  Follow exercise prescription guidelines provided by the Aquatic/Medical Exercise Specialist. May provide PRN work during absence of Exercise Specialist.  Always reflects excellent customer service skills with all members and respect individual confidentiality.          


SUPERVISED BY:   Fitness Coordinator and/ or Fitness Specialist.

SUPERVISES:           Individual and group participants


EDUCATION:                       High School Diploma or GED

EXPERIENCE:                    6 months conducting aerobics/exercise classes

CERTIFICATIONS:              Health Provider BLS, Aerobics/Fitness Certification (nationally  recognized;             AFAA, ACE, NEDITA, etc.),  First Aid preferred,  Arthritis Foundation land/aquatic/PACE preferred

EQUIPMENT/TOOLS:          Aquatics equipment, health-club and fitness               equipment.

  1. SPECIALIZE KNOWLEDGE/SKILLS:   Knowledge of exercise principles and technology, operation and                                                                             maintenance of fitness equipment and facilities. Strong                                                                                            interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work                                                                                 effectively with a wide range participants.  Ability to teach in an                                                                             enthusiastic, energetic and outgoing manner.  Should be in superb                                                                           physical condition in order to demonstrate and assist in exercise                                                                              routines.  Knowledge of sound diet and health principles.



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