Insurance & Billing


If you have hospitalization insurance, the Medical Center will bill and accept payment from your insurance company provided that certain conditions are met. However, you are responsible for payment of your hospital bill regardless of insurance coverage. In the event your service is not covered, you will be billed for payment in full. Any non-covered charges, such as deductible, co-pay or co-insurance by insurance, will be due prior to, or at the time of service.

A deposit is required for patients with insufficient hospitalization insurance. For information on deposit requirements, contact the Patient Accounts Department at 256-329-7102.

For your convenience, a drop slot for after-hours payments is located at the Business Office, Suite 5, Medical Arts Center, located behind the hospital at 125  Alison Drive.

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Admission And Discharge Your Admission

A member of Russell Medical’s Medical Staff requested your admission. Our admission personnel will obtain information from you that is required by law and will help us to serve you better.

Payment arrangements for your hospital bill should be made prior to admission. Should you anticipate any difficulty in financing your stay or have any questions regarding your bill or insurance coverage, please contact our Business Office at 256-329-7308. Business Office hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.  For your convenience, a drop slot for after-hours payments is located at the Business Office, Suite 5, Medical Arts Center located behind the hospital at 125 Alison Drive.


Find out more about what your healthcare may cost – We encourage all patients to find out as much as they can about the cost of their healthcare before coming to the hospital.  If you have insurance, you should first check with your insurance company to find out if the service is covered and what your co-payments and deductibles might be. The same is true if you are on Medicaid or Medicare.  If you do not have health insurance coverage, call 256-329-7308 and ask to speak with a patient account representative.  This person can provide estimates of your bill and work with you on a plan for payment.  Based on the information you provide, you may be able to get financial assistance.

 For a list of standard charges, click here.

Russell Medical Charges

For assistance with the standard charges, please call 256-329-7152.

Please note,  it is important that you call your insurance company prior to receiving hospital care.  Each healthcare plan is different, and some plans provide different levels of coverage that could make a difference in your out-of-pocket costs.  In addition, the physicians who provide care within our hospital might not participate in the same insurance networks as the hospital. You should check with the physician who is arranging your hospital care to see which insurance plans the physician participates in.

Financial Assistance – Notice to Patients

Russell Medical offers financial assistance for emergency and other medically necessary care on a sliding scale discount from our normal hospital charges for those patients who do not have insurance and whose family income does not exceed 350% of the federal poverty guidelines as described below. Charges will not exceed amounts generally billed to patients with private or governmental insurance.

Click links below for our Billing and Collections Policy, Russell Medical’s Financial Form, the Charity/Uninsured Policy,  and a brochure regarding health services financing.


Russell Medical financial form

Financial Assistance Policy 2018

charity-uninsured policy 2019

HSF Statement Insert