Catheterization Laboratory

Russell Medical features a state-of-the-art catheterization lab where physicians can diagnose and evaluate a broad range of vascular diseases. During cardiac catheterization, a thin, flexible tube (or catheter) pumps dye into your arteries. The cardiologist observes the dye’s flow using an x-ray screen and gets a good look at your heart as it is working. This procedure, called angiography, is a diagnostic catheterization. It indicates whether the heart and its blood vessels are diseased or normal and how serious the condition is, whether the heart valves have blockage or are working correctly and whether the heart is pumping effectively. If a blockage is discovered, the cardiologists can perform an angioplasty and/or place stents in the coronary arteries.

The lab also possesses the technology to perform vascular studies that examine the entire vascular system and diagnose strokes and health problems originating in the arms, legs, lungs, kidneys and stomach. Angioplasties and stenting procedures are performed on these types of blockages.

Cardiovascular Services: