Heart Month Screenings

Heart Month Screenings

February is Heart Month and Russell Medical is proud to offer Heart Health Screenings throughout the month.

We urge you to schedule your appointment today, by calling 256-329-7826. Payment options will be available when scheduling. Please indicate Heart Month Screening when you call.

New! Heart Month BUNDLE: Includes all 3 tests. A $300.00 value for $250.

Screenings Offered:

Calcium-Score Heart Scan: CT Scan providing enhanced 3D heart images. Non-invasive way of obtaining information about presence, location, and extent of calcified plaque in the coronary arteries. **Not recommended for patients who have had a prior scan in the last 3 years or who have history of cardiac stents or bypass surgery.**

Stroke Prevention Screening: Carotid Artery Ultrasound. Detects thickening of the artery walls that lead to stroke.

Echocardiogram: Ultrasound generates 3D moving images of the heart. Assesses the chambers and valves of the heart and functionality. **Not recommended if you are an established patient of a cardiologist who has had a cardiac visit within the last 12 months or have had an echocardiogram in the last 6 months.**

**A copy of your test results will sent to one of Russell Medical’s Cardiologists and your primary care physician.

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